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Newsletter for eLearning
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Open source software for Education (2)

Preparing a lecture for on open source software for Serbian official servant and educators, I was able to find good material while I was re-examining recent trends. Open source software started with Linux, but it has become a business method as well as spreading to other software development beyond Linux. We call it the spirit of open, collaborative, shared, world-class activities named as  ... (Read more)
교육용 오픈소스 도구들 한국 기사는 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요->

3D Printer for 180$

I have been teaching 3D printers to students in fusion courses since three years ago. I bought five 3D printers worth 2,000 $  and most of them broken down so quickly, so I could not make the students practice properly because of the operating printers were so few..... (Read more)

18만원짜리 3D 프린터 한글 기사는 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요

I prefer Bossanova than K-Pop

I've been against popularity all the time. When I was young I liked American Pop song. basket ball, and classical guitar. Now, I like Bossanova.Everything is reinvented. Same to literature. I liked classical novel and that is the source of my idea. I hear this music when I work and rest. Enjoy it....... (Read more)
요즘 미스 트롯트가 열풍이지만 결코 트롯트를 좋아해 본적이 없습니다. 성격하고 맞지가 않는지 내가 뭔지 잘못 된 것인지...ㅠㅠ 젊어서는 팝송을 좋아했는데 요즘은 보사노바가 좋네요, 추천합니다.. (비디오 보기)! eLearning News

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Sushi making robot
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Raspberry Pi: Five ways to upgrade your $35 computer.... .. (Read more)
라스베리파이용 프로젝터, 스시 마는 로봇, VR 교육 박람회, 학습의 메커니즘 (Korean) (English)

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