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Newsletter for eLearning
이러닝 뉴스레터입니다.

Becoming the President for Society of eLearning

I will be the president of the e-Learning Society from the coming September. I still think I am not that qualified for it, but I had accepted it because I thought there are many works to be done by my experience on e-learning and humbly accepted the request of the multitude. I hope you will support me with a lot of help. ... (Read more)

이러닝학회장을 맡게되었습니다. 많은 도움을 바랍니다. 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요->

 Practical Knowledge & Inventive Learning

A few years ago, when I was interviewing Ben Nelson at Minerva School, I heard him mentioning “practical knowledge”. Ben Nelson’s opinion is that Minerva’s education is the way in which people can correct many mistakes and improve the quality in education. In many colleges and universities, he argued that students do not have to pay such expensive tuition fees. .... (Read more)

Practical Knowledge와 인벤티브 러닝의 한글 내용을 보시려면 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요

What can make you sustain in your life

This pleasant man's graduation speech makes people feel good. But behind the curtain of joy, there was also pain. I could give up everything. But he stood up again....... (Read more)

이 유쾌한 남자의 졸업 연설은 사람을 기분 좋게 한다. 그러나 유쾌함의 커튼 뒤에는 역시 아픔도 있었다. 모든 걸 포기할 수도 있었다. 그러나 다시 일어섰다. 그 원동력은 무엇일까? 바로 '초등학교 3학년 중퇴자 아버지'의 소중한 가르침 덕분이었다... (비디오 보기)! eLearning News

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