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2018년 8월 13일 (월) 01:47 현재 판 (English blog)


안녕하세요? 이번 여름은 매우 덥네요. 한 열흘이면 더위가 가시지 않을까요? "이 또한 지나가리니" 더운 여름 건강 관리 잘 하시기를 기원합니다.
It is very hot weather in Korean. I will you stay healthy through this deadly weather.

Human vs. Cats & Dogs

 know that politicians and people of two parties in Korea  are not friendly. I just wonder what the end of that hatred is. It seems to be fighting an endless struggle to let out the emotional hatred that has built up in the depths of oneself rather than the positive motivation to find better solutions. ..... (Read more)
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TED in your pocket

While looking for OER resources, I found a service for TED download. It is a site called OER2Go. If you visit and search for “TED”, the following screen appears.s. --(Read More)
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Bring OER contents to no-internet place

Rachel-pi makes OER (Open Education Materials) available on Raspberry Pi. This tiny computer can contain an incredible amount of contents, such as the Khan Academy, the Gutenberg Project collection, textbooks, and encyclopedias, and provides the service as a web server.--(Read More)
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