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It is very HOT in Korea and Japan. This strange weather is world-wide phenomenon for all around the world. Take care for your health, and let;s save the world by education :)

Mass Game; The two faces

“It was originally used in gymnastics, but now it has been expanded to indicate what shows or performances are in groups, such as group guns or card sections.” Authoritarian groups tend to focus on mass games, It is the same thing that is overwhelmed by the position of the executive, but the pixel of the picture represented by the card section of North Korea immediately below is a person.  ” -from Wki- ..... (Read more)
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Using multi-screen to improve your competency

I previously talked about using Synergy to control different computers with a single keyboard / mouse. Synergy is a great way to replace your KVM (Keyboard, Videon, Monitor) switch to software switch that can be used to connect multiple computers. --(Read More)
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Toward most efficient eLearning: eLearning consulting

This article is for eLearning consulting for a domestic institution. This article may be helpful to e-learning people or people who are interested in education. I’ve talked about key topics: video curation, the use of various learning activities, the implementation of customized learning, the use of OER, big data and learning analysis, and the use of badge systems...--(Read More)
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