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To somebody, technonolgy is a hope. Prenav from MIT LAB shows a technology, which combined projector, camera, and mouse principle based four finger tip device. He named this technology as "Sixth sense" in a meaning that it connects real world with digital virtual world. As we see in the video, it surely strengthens the connectivity between two world.

It reminds me of LIVESCRIBE in some context. PenCAST is a knowledge delivery mechanism which combined real notebook(not computer), smart pen device, time dimension, and space dimension. You can acquisite exact audio streaming by pointing a hand written shape on the notebook space. This combination show the similarity with the previous technology.

Prenav proposed this technology as open source. This reminded me of the Samsung's galaxy beam technology, which already implemented beaming idea on smart phone. What they need it to connect it with build-in camera and open source four finger tip devices. Will Sangsung be the best beneficiary of this technology?

We get lesson that the rediscovery of the device we already have and re-combination of the already existing object. The video on the "Book" tells a lot on this view point.

To many people, technology can be a pain in the ass. The comedy about the medieval monk having hard time using book, make us smiley compassion. But I like technology better than accounting job, pure science, and business world. As we have been by stone, copper, and iron, I have primitive desire to prevail the others. I guess I'm an engineer by nature."

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