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The Web-based open source mindmap is on its service now. You can visit http://okmindmap.com and make your own mindmap without installing any plugin on your Web browser. The service is free, and you can try it on now. The tutorial is on here. It also allows you to integrate text, images, videos, and web links. You can use it for your knowledge portal, bookmark, brainstorm, learning and business. You can export mindmap into plain PPT, wiki, or html. You might be interested in Moodle integration and take a look at the video below. You can import SNS (Delicious, facebook, and twitter) information, too. Flash Video Link Another good thing: you can export/import to freemind, which is the best open source mindmap tool. Thanks. It runs faster on Chrome, FF, and Safari.
Make New Year Plan using OKmindmap service

It's already a week past New Year's beginning. Have you ever tried to make new year plan using Mindmap? The video below shows how to make new year plan using OKmindmap.com service. If you can't see the video link below, Click me here!

The service concept of OKmind If you can't see the video link below, Click me here!

Let's make a map? If no map appears down below, Click me here!
Tutorialwill help you to make mindmap. If map is changing, don't be surpised. Another collaborator might be working on the map too simultaneously.

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