OKmindmap Received 2011 Innovative IT Product Award

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>> OKmindmap received First Half Year of 2011 [IT Innovative Solution Award]

OKmindmap service received "First Half Year of 2011 [IT Innovative Solution Award]" from Digital Daily, which is one of major technology newpaper in Korea. We are grateful about this award, because it came after so many years of our developer's true hearted devotion. We regard this award as customer's expectation on our product, and promise to devote more on making efficient and effective knowledge  manipulation tool. The service is available onhttp://okmindmap.com for free. The educational instituions and enterprise can purchase their own server for internal use.

The manual is available onhttp://OKmindmap.org/joomla , Click this pargraph to see the manual or the article picture to see the article.

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