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It has been a while, because I had to prepare for service (new version of OKMindmap service). This will be the perfect service for online course, because it integrated Moodle and IOT functions together.
오랜만에 소식지를 드립니다. 새로운 Tubestory service 준비에 시간을 좀 할애 했습니다. 무들과 IOT 서비스를 포함한 새로운 Tubestory (구 OKMindmap) 서비스를 차례로 소개해 드리겠습니다.

OKMindmap의 맵을 Tubestory로 가져오기

다음과 같은 과정을 거쳐서 OKMindmap의 맵을 Tubestory로 가져올 수 있습니다. OKMindmap은 한시적 서비스이니 미루지 말고 진행하시기 바랍니다. (한국어 설명)

Exporting OKMindmap maps to Tubestory

Many people ask to export their OKMIndmap maps to Tubestory service. There had been warning the the OKMIndmap service will be down soon. For the people who still need to download their maps, we open temporary OKMindmap service. Please, make it quick the OKMindmap service is temporary. (Korean) (English)

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