Newsletter 2019/03/22

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First newsletter of this year! Wish you had a great time.
오랜만에 인사드리는 이러닝 뉴스레터입니다.

OKMindmap Moodle with IOT

This is my presentation about 2019 Moodle Moot in Japan Shizoka.

The ideas is integrate a Moodle course with OKMindmap. I also added IOT nodes on OKMindmap side. This is fully functional and hope to solve the problem of UI/UX complexity of Moodle... (Read more)

LMS 마인드매 IOT 통합 이러닝 솔루션에 대한 한글 기사를 보려면 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요->

Video creation using Powtoons & OSS

Do you know Gimp? Open source image editing tools such as Photoshop. It has the ability to create transparent photos like Photoshop, you can simply take your own photo, process the background transparent image, import the processed image from Powtoons, and synthesize it into the animation. Gimp can be downloaded from .. (Read more)

Powtoons와 오픈소스 비디오 에디터를 이용한 비디오 제작의 한글 내용을 보시려면 오른쪽의 이미지를 클릭하세요

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Believe or not this is very interesting psychiatric observation. When I read Buddhist script,it was interesting and fun. But with this video, it gets serious. Anyway, it is a relief we have another life. Or can it be a curse?) ...... (Read more)

종교적인 편향이 따로 있지는 않지만 불교 서적을 읽을 때 전생이라는 개념이 흥미있기도 했습니다. 정신과 의사가 그러한 현상을 추적해서 인터넷에 공개된 영상이 있네요...

DIY your own air purifier within 30 min with 50 dollars

We are suffering too much by fine dust in Korea. These days, we can rarely enjoy outdoor activities. Even in the house or offices, the necessity of air purifier is increasing. The price for a good one cost about 300 dollars. But somebody suggested to make it DIY with 50 dollars within 30 minutes assembly work. The content is Korean, any else country is interested in this? :)
.... .. (Read more)
미세먼지가 극성입니다. 5만원으로 30분안에 30만원 공기청정기 기능을 하는 자작 공기청정기 제작법입니다.^^ (Korean) (English)

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