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Somebody asked me why I am not issuing newsletter. I was almost giving up publishing because of my time has gone. It is good that somebody needed me. So, I decided to continue for a moment.

Automatic File Translation

I had the opportunity to do e-learning consulting for Cambodia. The biggest problem with using e-learning in developing countries is the use of solutions and content without high price. I know about Moodle and the OER content available for free. Unfortunately, many OER materials are in English or Spanish. It is always necessary to translate these contents into local languages. For Moodle, you also need to localize the menu, which requires a lot of manpower and time. ..... (Read more)
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Addiction and unexpectedness

My way of thinking is generally sound, and I have a decisive criterion against drug and alcohol addiction. People in the entertainment world have a lot of these problems. On the other hand, it seem to be a drive for the artistic sensitivity. I happened to hear the song of Sia’s “Chandelier”.--(Read More)
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For my aging parents

The flowing time is like a arrow. Parents who have been treated me so well are already in their 80s. Walking gets uncomfortable and their energy is getting weaker. I woke up in the morning on last Sunday and there is a missing call at 1:30 AM from my father. I tried to return the call but no answers both on home phone and cell phone...--(Read More)
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