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Somebody asked me why I am not issuing newsletter. I was almost giving up publishing because of my time has gone. It is good that somebody needed me. So, I decided to continue for a moment.

Padlet view and iframe node of OKMindmap

A new feature in OKMindmap of Padlet-like view has been added. This feature can be used effectively in harmony with iframe node function of OKMindmap. Generally, when you create a mind map, the branches expands, creating a shape in which the nodes continue to diverge. Sometimes we need to be able to put a note on the post where we like it to be placed. ..... (Read more)
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Using Docker for Octave (Matlab compatible)

The Docker is much faster than a virtual machine and allows you to run programs running on other operating systems with fewer resources. It is a great attraction to be able to operate many educational and scientific programs of Linux regardless of the OS they are using.

In the video below, we can see that the open source Octave, which can replace commercial MATLAB, operates at a remarkable speed.--(Read More)
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