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It has been long time. I wish I start eLearning newsletter again. This year has  been my sabbatic and not much fun except writing newsletters.

Dozens of hippos attack one crocodile

[FUN] Messing with one hippo is a bad idea. Messing with a whole group can be a near fatal one, as this hapless crocodile discovered.
Harish Kumar told that their guide had taken them out on a drive to the hippo pool when the action unfolde. "This was just an unbelievable sighting.......

Smart traveller: Going to Vietnam

I love traveling. Visiting strange and new places seems to be freeing me from the everyday environment I have been through. This is a kind of small enlightenment that makes us to realise the lightness of the reality burdens we consider so heavily. Especially when traveling overseas, the fresh impulses of newness are lingering in my head for a long time.

스마트 여행가: 베트남을 다녀오다.

여행을 참 좋아합니다. 낯선 곳과 새로운 장소를 방문 하는 것은 지금까지 지내온 일상의 환경으로부터 나를 자유롭게 하기 때문인 것 같습니다. 이는 우리가 무겁게 느끼는 현실의 가벼움을 알게 해주는 가벼운 깨달음이라고나 할까요? 특히 해외로 여행 하는 경우에는 새로움의 신선한 자극의 여운이 한참동안을 머릿속에서 맴돌곤 합니다. (Korean) (English)

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