Newsletter 2017/11/07

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It has been long time. I wish I start eLearning newsletter again. This year has  been my sabbatic and not much fun except writing newsletters.

[FUN] Thai woman risks life to save her papaya tree

When Typhoon Lan approached Okinawa, Japan, on Sunday, a Thai woman who lives there chose to save her beloved papaya tree before anything else — she held on to the tree for dear life — taking the stand that not even an Act of God could come between her and her next papaya salad.

eLearning News

- Moodle newsletter 입니다.
- This is Moodle newsletter link.

How to use voice recognition & Google translate for publishing

I have been working in the field of e-learning for a long time and have been publishing e-learning newsletters. When I had time, I published twice a week, and when I was busy I skipped for a few months, but the task of publishing an e-learning newsletter was a good opportunity.....
오랜기간동안 이러닝 분야에 종사하면서, 이러닝 뉴스레터를 발행하고 있습니다. 시간이 있을 때는 일주일에 두 번도 발행하였고, 바쁠 때에는 몇 달간 건너뛰기도 하였지만 이러닝 뉴스레터를 발행하는 작업이 저 개인에게도 알고 있는 지식들을 정리할 수 있는 좋은 기회가 되었습니다....

Moodle: Completions, badges, and competencies

Recently learning analysis is attracting much attention. In fact, I think there is no better tool than Moodle in analysing learning. Moodle has three ways to manage learners’ learning status.
1. All of Moodle’s activities and resources can be completed on an individual basis
2. By using the Moodle badge function, the badge can be awarded on the combined conditions of the completion of these individual activities and resources.,...

Moodle: 학습 완료, 배지, 역량

요즘 학습 분석이 많은 관심을 받고 있습니다.  사실 학습 분석을 하는데 있어서 Moodle 만큼 좋은 도구가 없다고 생각합니다.   Moodle에서는  세 가지 방법으로 학습자의 학습 상태를 관리할 수 있습니다.
1. Moodle의 모든 활동과 자료들은 개별 단위로 활동 완료 조건을 주고 일을 확인할 수 있습니다
2. Moodle 배지 기능을 활용하여  이러한 개별 활동과 자원들의 완료 결과에 ..... (Korean) (English)

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