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It has been long time. I wish I start eLearning newsletter again. This year has  been my sabbatic and not much fun except writing newsletters.


I was invited to speak about STEM development for Mekong Delta. One of my old friend in CAN THO university asked hosting party USAID held conference about Mekong Delta education enhancement for STEM education. I planned to visit Danang and Halong bay as stay over short trips. The articles this week is my presentation for the conference.


 건터 대학의 아는 분 소개로 메콩 델타 지역의 STEM 교육 개선 방향에 관련되 컨퍼런스에 발표를 하게 되었습니다. 가는 김에 경유지를 추가해서 다낭과 하롱베이도 들를까 하네요. 아래의 내용은 제가 발표할 내용을 공유합니다. 이번 주에는 발표할 내용을 기사로 올려 봅니다.

Rethinking Education for 4th Industrial Revolution

It is said that the fourth industrial revolution had already begun. What do we have to do to nurture the talents needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution? From the perspective of educators, we hope that learners will have the ability to meet the new era. I referred to several places, the competencies for the new generation is called the four C’s. .,...

4차 산업혁명을 위한 교육 개혁

4차산업혁명의 시작 되었다고 합니다. 4차 산업혁명에 필요한 인재를 양성하기 위해서는 무엇을 해야 할까요? 교육자의 입장에서는 학습자들이 새로운 시대에 맞는 능력을 갖기를 희망합니다. 여러 군데 참고를 하니 새시대의 역량은 4가지의 C라고 합니다. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking을 의미하는 것이지요. 사실 이러한 모든 역량은 새롭게 발생하는 문제들을 어떻게 해결 하느냐에 관한 것입니다. .....

[FUN] Smashing Walnuts with His Forehead

In February, Rashid attended the 2014 Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, and absolutely destroyed the world record for smashing walnuts with his forehead, breaking an incredible 155 in one minute. (The previous record was a mere 44.) Rashid is a martial artist, as you would probably have to be to have this kind of hobby. (Korean) (English)

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