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2월 네째주 소식

27 Feb, 2015 (Click here for Previous Newsletters)

Hello, this newsletter is about eLearning. I am also running OKMindmap service, so I added you as a subscriber because you are a power user of OKMindmap. OKMindmap update news are not included this time, but there will later on. If you don't want to subscribe this newsletter, please "unsubscribe button" at the bottom. Best regards.
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▶ Changes in Education  Part I -

I made a trip to SouthEast Asia this winter. I saw many changes there. The countries are changing and the education needs to be changed. Korea was poor after the war, but it got 1st rank evaluation in overall PISA assessment in 2014. Vietnam also got a good result in student skill test.

I think the biggest educational change is open source paradigm. It began as a open source software like “LINUX”. But it has evolved to OCW (open contents), MOOC (open service), and 3D printer (open hardware). It seems to be good for us, but seems also to be dangerous.

▶ 교육에서의 변화 -1부-

 이번 겨울에 동남아를 방문하고 많은 변화를 보았습니다.  동남아 국가들도 변화하고 있고 이에 따라 교육도 변화해야할 것 같습니다. 실제로 변화하고 있고요. 한국이 고통스러운 전쟁을 겪고도 PISA 의 2014년 전반적 교육 평가 분야에서 1등을 차지했듯이, 베트남도 2012년 학생 성적 평가에서 놀라운 결과를 거두었군요.

교육에서의 변화를 꼽으라면 저는 오픈소스 패러다임을 꼽고싶습니다. 단순히 리눅스라는 소프트웨어를 말하는 것이 아닌 이 패러다임은 콘텐츠로는 OCW (Open CourseWare)......

▶ eLearning NEWS

아직은 옛날 식기 세척기 이용하는게 낫겠다.... ^^
Conventional dishwasher is still better... :)

오픈시뮬레이터가 많이 안정화된 모양이다. 세컨드 라이프의 오픈소스 버전... 예전부터 관심은 있었건만...
It seems to me the Open Simulator has been stabilized. It is open source version of Second Life. Time has come.

Good to learn Rapsberry Pi.... There are Kindle version too.
Rapsberry Pi 배우기 좋은 책인것 같음.... 킨들 버전도 있네..

▶ Some food you have to taste!

Not just because my wife is running, the level of taste is recommendable. If you live or dropping by Daejun, this place is a place you must stay and eat. :)
Laon convention has hotel, big conference room, and restaurants. See you all there.

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