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Dec 15, 2012

Education is for survival.

The most fundamental necessity of human being is survival. I happend to heard about "Education is for survival". Our human heritages and survival tips are transferred from generation to generation by education. Education is the most primitive activity for human survival.

▶ Knowledge creation, delivery, reuse: OKMindmap

Mindmap has advantages and disadvantages as a knowledge manipulation tool. Two advantages are its modularity and spatial representation. The knowledge become concrete by representing it as a mindmap. Its spatial node locations provide clearer meaningful clustering. Disadvantages are lacks of reuse, delivery, and collaboration method. These can be solved by using OKMindmap. This 4 min video shows how it does that.

▶A virtual studio costs less than $100

You can buy chromakey paper from Gmarket with aluminium bar by paying less than $100. With Screencast 4.0, you can use chromakey function and produce a video. The cost of Screencast 4.0 is around $100. The light is very important and you need to buy it unless you get it from your friend. (The sample video is exactly same on as in previous article)

▶ Introducing open source software: Goegbra

I bet the Math is easier if you can manipulate it. Learning by doing means a lot in Math. Geogbra is a easy Math tool, which can provide that function. Without programming knowledge, you can learn it within 30 minutes. There is a similar commercial software called GSP. But the function of GeoGebra doesn't fall behind. Here are some videos showing how to use GeoGebra.

OKMindmap seminar at Ewha Women's Univ.

In this October and November, there were OKMindmap seminars in Ewha women's Univ., Catholic Univ., and Samyung Univ. In Ewha university, 30 seats were fully occupied with the professors. It was very promising that many educational department professors joined the seminar and gave many good opinion about mindmap collaboration. Ewha university is using Moodle for every university class and performing researches for learner's learning outcomes, which is very promising project.

The articles are available in following blog.

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