Newsletter 2012/03/17

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▶ OKMindmap Video Tutorial

▶ OKMindmap book published

OKMindmap book published...

Generally 10% of OKMindmap function is used by normal user. Simultaneous collaboration, and a variety of output formatting function, SNS integration, presentation mode, the usage of various functions are waiting to be used. This book addresses the usage in depth and use case studies of OKMindmap . If you click this sentence you can purchase it on-line. Only Korean version is available now.

Moodle&OKlass Themes

Moodle v2.2 service has been started. Except for several plug-ins (okmindmap, freemind) moste activities you used in your existing (v1.9) data services are pored to new services (v2.2). users can enjoy the v2.2 service. Click this sentence to go to service site.

In new service new Moodle themes were applied and modified. The new design is applied to blocks, icons, title bars, and even to course formats.

<Moodle Themes : Lagomorph>

 - Mobile Support
 - Customized tablet support
 - CSS3-based scalability
 - All browser compatibility
 - Personalize with a custom menu
 - Personalized color change and menu settings
 - Design can be changed

▶ e-Learning information

2012 E-Learning Conference (Korean)

1. Date: Fri, 13 April 2012 - Sat the 14th
2. Location: Yujin Hotel (Daejeon)
3. Topic: Smart Media and Learning
4. Study areas: Calling for paper. Click for more

E-learning 9.2% growth last year

E-Learning risen in each field! (Korean News)

E-Learning Division posted sales of 2.4513 trillion won last year by 9.2 percent year-on-year growth. 52.8% of people with more than 3 years experience e-learning. For companies with 300 or more 63.0% of businesses have introduced e-learning. Government and public institutions was 78.9 percent. E-Learning 6.9 percent year-on-year increase in the number of operators FusionHDTV eopchedang 1656 average sales volume has been investigated by the 1.48 billion won.

Scoop it: A tool to wach!

Bookmarking, social, and publishing.... this three elements are well integrated in this service. Click to watch how valuable information it provides...

The Future of PREZI?

The future of PREZI

PREZI are under the spotlight. This tool is rather preferred by the older generation than new generation, and seems to be extremely popular. I see the limitation of PREZI is the fact that it is flash-based. Depending on the progress of a technology PREZI technology might transfer to HTML5. But there are already many frontiers for this area. In recent years, starting from impress.js almost PREZI-like effect is realized by jmpress.js (Of course, your browser should supports CSS3), and editing capability is very poor. But if the final presentation is converted directly from mind mapp, It will make a difference(That what we are doing). Click to watch the wonder of jmpress.js! It is forked from impress.js and even better!


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