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(C)JinoTech Newsletter  March,2012 ver. 1

▶ Coming Soon! - OKmindmap animation is smart!

Soon, OKMindmap will have PREZI Zoom in / out effect!
■ Supports a variety of animation effects
   - Rotate, Zoom In/Out, etc.
■ OKmindmap nodes will mapped to PREZI unit
   - OKmindmap will transformed to PREZI-like structure
     for Presentation
■ PREZI-like variety of functions and more...
   - Image, video, YouTube, PDF files can be linked
      on the top of Collaboration
■ Google search works in a variable context
   - Google image search
   - YouTube video search

URL: PREZI start to support educators

OKmindmap second video tutorial

Customized node color change | Won Ho | 2012.03.02

Customize for your own node text color and background color!

Mindmap for a Lecture-1 | Won Ho | 2012.03.02

Image, PDF, and googleDoc's usage will enrich your mindmap contents!

Mindmap for a Lecture-2 | Won Ho | 2012.03.02

DropBox integration, QrCode, short URL usage will enhance your mindmap contents!

Mindmap for a Presentation | Won Ho | 2012.03.02

Make an impressive presentation using folding unfolding effects of mindmap!

Mindmap for information management | Won Ho | 2012.03.02

Your capability will be maximized if you are a great information organizer using mindmap!

※ Video Tutorial will be continued! | Jinotech | 2012.02.21

OKmindmap Tutorial can be found on Youtube, too

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