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>> Hi, It's real summer in Korea.

It's hot. Lots of rain. And most of all, it's vacation season. Here is some news to cool off your vacation! Have nice summer!

 >> Map of this week

Did you know Moodle was awarded as the project of month for Sourceforge? Moodle has been developed on its own way independent to Sourceforge. I understand that Sourceforge recognize the importance of Moodle now. The information about Moodle is organized by OKmindmap. I hope it can give you a good guidance. If you click the article, you will be connected to the map.

>> Technology & Human beings

To somebody, technonolgy is a hope. Prenav from MIT LAB shows a technology, which combined projector, camera, and mouse principle based four finger tip device. He named this technology as "Sixth sense" in a meaning that it connects real world with digital virtual world. As we see in the video, it surely strengthens the connectivity between two world. more...



>> Bookmark of this week

This week's bookmarking is Moodle news site. in not merely Moodle news, but also rich information current eLearning trend and technology. more....

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