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 >> Map of this week

This map is selected as a "Map of this week". The idea of Scamper can be applied to many field. You can apply this to segmented knowledge to invent new idea. This can be applied to learning , business, and even to humour.If you click the figure, it will bring up the mindmap on your browser.

>> Future of LMS

About 5 years ago, when people talked about LMS(Learning Management System), they thought community system independently. So, the community activities considered as additional plug-ins. But now LMS like Moodle and Blackboard have included community functions, even blogs and wikis can be generated as course activities. More...



>> Bookmark of this week

I recommend this week's bookmarking as "21 Century shcool". The publisher collected and arranged the information about the future school and technology very nicely. The service is provided by the "Scoop" service, which I think a method to noteworty. He also has a good insight to select Okmindmap as noticeable technology.

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